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Mage standing.png
Name: The Earl of Evilosity
Occupation: Evil Wizard
Favorite Cake: Devil's Food
Attack Type: Ranged
Favorite type of domination: World
Beard Status: Living

Based on pure theoretical ability alone, the Earl Of Evilosity may be the absolute worst mad scientist in this or any kingdom.

Luckily for him, people usually keep their opinions to themselves when you’re an elemental mage who can conjure 76 different types of pure flame by simply snapping your fingers. Having steadily climbed the ranks of evil wizard nobility from the title of Baron to Earl, EE (as his assistant Pickles calls him) slavishly tends to his labor of love, the Conquer-tron 2000. This lightning-powered machine is supposed to unleash some kind of high-powered conquering rays (or something...) but the Earl has never really been able to explain it properly to anyone. What everyone does know for sure, though, is that the ability to give a coherent lecture is less useful in Opulencia than being able to level entire castles with ridiculously powerful elemental magic. When you need to ensure the mind-boggling destruction of every enemy in sight, the Earl of Evilosity is just the wizard you want.

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Skill statistics for lvl 1.
Spontaneous Combustion
Icon Skill Unlock lvl Description Cost Cooldown
Flameburst.png Flameburst 1 Blast a cone of fire in front of you, dealing 32 magical damage and setting them ablaze. 18 mana 0.60 sec.
Fireball.png Fireball 4 Call a flaming meteorite down from the sky after a short delay to impact for 77 physical damage and set surrounding enemies ablaze. 25 mana 3 sec.
Conflagration.png Conflagration 7 Set an area ablaze for 7 seconds, dealing 26 magical damage per second to all enemies found within. 30 mana 12 sec.
Inferno.png Inferno 10 Stream concentrated fire at all enemies in front of you, dealing 16 magical damage per second. 10 mana
+25 mana per sec.
Electric Induction
Icon Skill Unlock lvl Description Cost Cooldown
Storm Armor.png Storm Armor 2 Raise your armor by 70, your magic resistance by 46, reflect 10 damage back to melee attackers, and shock all attackers, making them vulnerable to magic damage. 20 mana 22 sec.
Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning 5 Throw a bolt of lightning for 51 magical damage, getting weaker as it bounces to 4 targets. All targets are shocked, becoming vulnerable to magic damage. 40 mana 2 sec.
Electric Charge.png Electric Charge 8 Phase through enemies, making them vulnerable to magic damage. 50 mana 5 sec.
Thunderclap.png Thunderclap 11 Act as a lightning rod, stunning and dealing 13 magical damage per second to enemies around you for 6 seconds. Enemies are also shocked, becoming vulnerable to magic damage. 30 mana 15 sec.
Unholy Rendition
Icon Skill Unlock lvl Description Cost Cooldown
Death Grip.png Death Grip 3 Send black tendrils that sap foes in a cone ahead of you, dealing 22 magical damage, restricting their movement and healing you for 13 health per second per target. 15 mana
+10 mana per sec.
1 sec.
Nightmare Cage.png Nightmare Cage 6 Trap an enemy in the underworld, removing them from combat for 5 seconds. 80 mana 15 sec.
Vortex Rift.png Vortex Rift 9 Rip a hole in space, pulling enemies together and dealing 102 physical damage. 20 mana 12 sec.
Death Bolt.png Death Bolt 12 Shoot an unavoidable bolt of unlife, dealing 288 magical damage and healing you for 192 40 mana 14 sec.